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Welcome to Atlantic Captain's Academy

Founded by passionate instructor Captain Greg Metcalf, our Coast Guard-approved courses provide candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the high seas.

Captain Greg’s love for the ocean began at an early age and led him to a successful career in sport fishing and yacht running. His accomplishments include top honors in numerous fishing tournaments, and the design and manufacture of fishing tackle. However, his true passion lies in teaching and helping others achieve their dream of becoming a licensed captain.

With a high success rate and hundreds of graduates, Atlantic Captain’s Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare candidates for the challenges of navigating and commanding vessels on the water. Join us on this exciting journey and make your dream a reality.

Virtual Online Classes Available

Atlantic Captain’s Academy is offering virtual online classes which require a live proctored exam at an approved Coast Guard site. For more information, contact Captain Greg Metcalf. Updates and changes to the class schedule will be posted on the academy’s website and Facebook page.